Reduced ad-spend,
increase in leads

Protean Software is a highly regarded field service management software provider. Following a £4 million investment from Foresight Group, a London-based private equity firm, and the appointment of new CEO Bob Anderson.

Protean needed to drive new customer growth and evolve their brand without increasing their budget. Previously, considerable investment in marketing and advertising had yielded results but at significant cost. Therefore our challenge was to achieve the new, increased goals whilst reducing overall spend.


To reduce spend, we closely monitored and controlled PPC ad spend. Although broad in reach, Protean Software’s existing PPC ad campaigns weren’t optimised to perform at full potential.

In addition, the website prospects were landing on was outdated, full of issues and the pages weren’t optimised to take advantage of the clicks they were getting. This resulted in a very low conversion rate and ROI.


increase in


decrease in
lead-acquistion cost


drop in total
ad spend


Detailed analysis, followed by a fast and effective action plan
Our first task was to complete a detailed audit of the Protean Software website and online advertising campaigns using our comprehensive proprietary auditing tool.

This highlighted a number of opportunities that we presented back to the client in the form of an easy-to-read report, with specific high impact recommendations.

Optimise paid advertising campaigns
The existing ad campaigns had a broad reach. However, many of the ads weren’t optimised for their keyword terms. We discovered duplication of some ads and keywords, and all the traffic was being channelled to underperforming pages.

Build optimised landing pages
Using best practice conversion techniques, we built out specific landing pages to convert visitors into highly qualified leads.

Build a new lead funnel
From our detailed analysis, it was clear that correctly qualifying and contacting new leads as soon as possible was an essential part of improving the conversion funnel. We worked with the client to create a funnel that expedited this process and converted more leads into customers.

zero marketing to modern, integrated multi-channel marketing

The Usable Media team worked across our business to understand what we do and our strategy for break-out growth. They helped us to craft and execute a complete marketing program to move us from practically zero marketing to modern, integrated multi-channel marketing. Their work has been key to our ability to tackle new markets and accelerate growth.

Bob Anderson, CEO Protean Software


Protean Software experienced incredible paid advertising results:

-65% decrease in their lead acquisition cost

+250% increase in lead volume

-60% drop in their total ad spend

Next steps

Delighted with this transformation in ROI, Protean Software commissioned Usable Media to produce an ongoing strategic marketing plan.

New brand and Saas Software launch

The cost savings and increased revenue the client enjoyed as a direct result of the work we’d done, allowed them to allocate significant new budget for us to open up other marketing channels. After 18 months of consistently delivering incredible results, Usable Media are now trusted with Protean’s largest challenge to date: a new brand and product launch.